Rural Health Workforce Australia is the peak body for the state and territory Rural Workforce Agencies. Our not-for-profit Network attracts, recruits and supports health professionals for rural and remote communities.

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Go Rural Careers


Rural Australia is the perfect place to develop your career, sharpen your skills and deliver hands-on care in communities that need you.

So whether you're looking for that professional edge, seeking a life-changing adventure or after a better place to raise a family, the message is clear...Go Rural!

Ready to help you make the move is a national Network of not-for-profit Rural Workforce Agencies, backed by the Australian Government.

They provide expert advice about careers for health professionals in rural Australia and can arrange short-term placements so you can 'try before you buy'.

They also organise professional training and provide support as you settle into your new community.

Now is a good time to think about a rural career, with a range of incentives offered by the Australian Government.

Rural Workforce Agencies can advise you how to access these incentives as well as State-based programs.