Rural Health Workforce Australia is the peak body for the state and territory Rural Workforce Agencies. Our not-for-profit Network attracts, recruits and supports health professionals for rural and remote communities.

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International Recruitment Strategy

Overseas Trained Doctors recruited by Rural Workforce Agencies (RWAs) are making a life-changing difference to rural and remote Australia.

In fact more than 40 per cent of doctors in rural and remote areas are originally from overseas.

Without them, hundreds of small communities would be missing out on the kind of primary health care that city people take for granted.

RWAs take great care to match suitably qualified Overseas Trained Doctors to rural communities.

They also work closely with these doctors to help them build a new life and career in Australia.

RWAs can assist with employment arrangements, medical registration, immigration, family support and cultural orientation.

As part of this process, Rural Health Workforce Australia administers the International Recruitment Strategy in collaboration with the RWAs.

This provides a free recruitment service to rural and remote general practices for the complex activities required to recruit an Overseas Trained Doctor.

The IRS program, funded by the Australian Government, was created to help address rural doctor shortages. 

For further details, contact one of the State or Territory Rural Workforce Agencies