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Key Documents
Australia's Health 2012: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: 21 May 2012 (4,863.8 Kb)
Australia's Health Workforce: Productivity Commission: 22 December 2005 (1,561.4 Kb)
Australian Health Survey: First Results, 2011-2012: Australian Bureau of Statistics: (702.7 Kb)
Australian Hospital Statistics 2010-11: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: (7,501.4 Kb)
Health Workforce 2025 - Vol 1: Doctors, Nurses and Midwives: Health Workforce Australia: March 2012 (2,578.1 Kb)
Lost in the Labyrinth: House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing: Inquiry into Registration Processes and Support for Overseas Trained Doctors - March 2012
MSOD Project Inaugural Report: Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand: 4 November 2011 (6,659.3 Kb)
MTRP - 15th Report: Medical Training Review Panel: February 2012 (2,878.9 Kb)
National Partnership Agreement on Hospital and Health Workforce Reform: COAG: (304.1 Kb)
Report on the Audit of Health Workforce in Rural and Regional Australia: Department of Health and Ageing: April 2008 (3,688.4 Kb)